Family Life Christian Church International
New Construction

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In Association with Hughes Associates Architects

Construction of a modern, new 24,000 square foot church with 750-seat sanctuary, classroom, office and daycare space, as well as audio/visual control areas and lighting to televise the services. This is a pre-engineered building with EIFS and masonry veneer. The project was developed and constructed on a “team” build basis with the architect, owner, and C.L. Lewis & Co., Inc.


Family Life Christian Church International
20722-E Timberlake Road, P.O. Box 10301
Lynchburg, VA 24506-0301
Contact: Ray A. McQueen, Pastor
(434) 832-5658


Hughes Associates Architects
656 Elm Avenue SW, P.O. Box 1034
Roanoke, VA 24005-1304
Contact: Alan Downie
(540) 342-4002


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