An Amphitheater and a Sports Complex Spotlight Quality of Life as an Economic Development Goal

An amphitheater and a sports complex spotlight quality of life as an economic development goal - Cardinal News 

On a recent warm evening in downtown Lynchburg, dozens of residents and area officials gathered to break ground on an amphitheater anticipated to seat up to 5,000.

Just over a hundred miles away in Pulaski County, county officials are preparing to develop a major sports and recreation complex in a former candle factory.

The two projects are among the region’s recent examples of economic development endeavors designed to add jobs not just by directly employing people but by improving their communities’ quality of life, with the goal of contributing to further growth down the road.

Such quality of life has a major influence on where people choose to put down roots, Lynchburg City Manager Wynter Benda told those gathered at the April 18 groundbreaking ceremony.

The amphitheater by the James River, he said, will be a “key outdoor space to serve recreational, cultural and environmental needs.”

Downtown Lynchburg Prepares for Phase 4 of Renewal Project

Downtown Lynchburg is gearing up for Phase 4 of the Renewal Project, extending from Main and 12th Street to the Main Street bridge over Route 29. With major updates planned for infrastructure and streetscape, including water, sewer, and storm drain lines, the city is ready for transformation.

“Jamerson-Lewis Project Manager, Clu Pettyjohn, said his team, as well as the city and the Downtown Lynchburg Association, will be working together to ensure that any problems that come up during construction will be handled. ‘Vehicular access may be a problem, but you know, we can park close by and walk,’ Pettyjohn said. ‘We’re gonna do our best to advertise, create signs, and show people how to get there.’”

Check out the full story covered by ABC 13 – WSET by clicking here.

Lynchburg Riverfront Park Amphitheater Coming Soon

Lynchburg's Riverfront Park is about to get a major upgrade! Our team at Jamerson-Lewis Construction is excited to start building the new amphitheater coming downtown starting April 1st. Stay tuned for more info and follow us on social media @jamersonlewisconstruction for updates.

Read the full article covered by ABC 13 - WSET here: 

Lynchburg Amphitheater Project Ramps Up (


Women in Construction Week 2024: Insights from Gretchen Sheppard

This week, we're excited to highlight the amazing women who make a difference in our industry. Today, let's meet Gretchen Sheppard, one of our Project Manager Assistants at Jamerson-Lewis. Gretchen has been in the industry for nine years! Balancing work with being a mom to her two young daughters, she shows the determination of women in our field.

Women in Construction Week 2024: Insights from Lauren Smyk

Women in Construction Week 2024: Insights from Lauren Smyk

Welcome to Women in Construction Week 2024! As we celebrate the remarkable achievements of women in the construction industry, we're thrilled to kick off this special week by spotlighting the incredible women of Jamerson-Lewis Construction. Today, we met with Lauren Smyk, Assistant Project Manager and Director of I.T., to discuss her perspective on navigating the construction industry as a woman.


Q: What's the most unexpected lesson you've learned during your time in the construction industry, and how has it influenced your approach to your work?
A: I have learned how I must have different styles of communication to effectively work with the many groups of people in this field. We work daily with architects, engineers, owners, and subcontractors of all levels. You learn how they think and how to communicate with them in a way that is respected as well as understood.

Q: Reflecting on your experiences, what's one piece of advice you wish you had received when you were just starting out in your career?
A: You never know it all! We are ever evolving and always learning. Change is always occurring, and new exciting things are always developing in the construction industry. If you’re not able to adjust and grow, you will be left behind.

Q: How do you personally approach sustainability and environmental considerations in your construction projects, and how do you see this aspect evolving in the future?
A: Sustainability, LEED, VEES, are all prevalent things we are seeing in the industry. The more you stay educated, the better you are at fulfilling these tasks and seeing how important they are to the job, cost-effectiveness, and the environment.

Q: Can you tell us about a time when you had to navigate a particularly challenging situation on a construction site, and how you managed to overcome it?
A: As a woman in construction, you're already facing the stigmas and challenges of a predominantly male-dominated industry. Overcoming these obstacles can be difficult, requiring you to earn the respect you deserve. Dealing with different personalities on the job site can also be challenging, but it's essential to approach these situations with professionalism, organization, and clear communication. I believe that as women, we often excel in these skills, which can be instrumental in resolving conflicts and finding alternative solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Q: What's the best part of being part of the Jamerson-Lewis Construction family? Is there something about the team or the atmosphere that you really love?
A: I have been a member of the JLC team for almost 10 years. They have become family, and I so appreciate the relationships I’ve formed, the growth as an employee they have allowed for me, and the education I have been given. I have been given opportunities that I was not offered elsewhere, and it's very much appreciated.

Q: Juggling work and personal life can be a handful. How do you manage to find that balance, and does Jamerson-Lewis help make it easier?
A: As a single mom of a special needs child, balancing work and family life can be challenging. However, JLC has always been understanding of my situation, treating me with kindness and offering help whenever possible. I feel blessed to work for a company that recognizes the challenges we face and values the sacrifices we make for our families.

Q: Have you ever had a moment at Jamerson-Lewis where your perspective as a woman brought something really cool or different to the table?
A: Absolutely! There's no question that men and women can often think differently and problem-solve differently. There have been many times that my understanding of a situation was different than someone else’s, and being able to offer my perspective and thoughts gives others a different way to look at it. I believe we all keep each other in check and often teach each other how to look at situations from all angles.

Q: If someone were thinking about joining Jamerson-Lewis Construction, what would you tell them based on your own experiences here?
A: It’s a wonderful place to work and grow in your career. We are always changing here, and that is exciting to be a part of. I'm lucky to have been given the opportunities I have and am looking forward to many more years of being on the JLC team.


From managing challenges on the job site to a healthy work-life balance, Lauren's experiences offer lessons and inspiration for us all. Check back here and follow our social media channels for more stories throughout Women in Construction Week 2024, as we continue to highlight the voices and achievements of women like Lauren who are shaping the future of construction.


Randolph College Is Launching a New Era in Science Education

We're thrilled to support Randolph College's Martin Science Fundraiser, set to transform science education at the historic Martin Science Building. Planned by VMDO Architects and Jamerson-Lewis Construction, the 38,000 square foot renovation aims to provide enhanced lab spaces, energy-efficient design, and a dynamic, modern environment. This expansion facilitates collaboration across science departments like Environmental Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Marine Science, Computer Science, and the Natural History and Archaeology Collections Project.

Randolph's commitment to science education is evident in statistics, such as 40% of recent bachelor's degrees awarded in sciences. The project emphasizes promoting STEM, creating flexible learning spaces, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, and establishing a sustainable and dynamic design. Your support will significantly contribute to creating a state-of-the-art hub for science education, ensuring students have the resources and spaces they need for success in the 21st century.

Join us in supporting this initiative and making a lasting difference in the future of science education at Randolph College. To contribute, donate here
Learn more about the project in this video, featuring our CEO, Kevin Hooper.

Westminster Canterbury Renovations, Adding Apartments

Jamerson-Lewis is proud to partner with Westminster Canterbury and SFCS Architects to complete this extensive project.

Forest Middle School Project Receives Site Visit

Many School Board Members and Bedford County School Employees were able to visit the Forest Middle job site on Tuesday. They were excited about its progress and the fact that it is still within budget and on schedule.

Krise Building Restoration Almost Complete

The renovation of the Krise building is almost complete! We are so proud of the teamwork it took to complete this historic building.

The lofts are now available to rent/own and are being shown to potential tenants. Please use the link below to see WSET’s coverage of the newly renovated building.

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