About Us

Years Work Experience in Construction Management


We take a hands-on approach to every aspect of the construction process; from the preconstruction and planning phases through actual construction. Couple this hands-on approach with a desire to build strong relationships based on trust, integrity and respect, and you have Jamerson-Lewis Construction. Our TEAM envisions possibilities and exceeds expectations. We are passionate about our work, building communities…relationships…people. We have positioned our company to value superior workmanship, personalized service, and attention to detail. Our clients deserve the best. We thrive on that moment when our customers walk through the doors of their new building, and they look around…and smile. That smile is worth the hard work, team effort, dedication, long hours, and the thoughtful, planned processes that are a part of every project we have so much pride in building.


We provide our visionary clients with affirmation as they dream, insight as we plan, and satisfaction as we build. Our job is to build your DREAM. We create legacies, icons and landmarks We believe in listening before speaking. We find opportunities where others find obstacles. List your work and work your list. We think, PLAN, and do collectively. We are a team of problem solvers. We BUILD smarter, cleaner, and more effectively together.

Our Roots

Coming Together to Provide Construction Excellence


C.L. Lewis & Company Inc.

In 1929, projects were scarce, standards were high, and success was achieved through hard work, determination, integrity and merit. These qualities were exemplified by Charles Langhorne Lewis. He founded his new company built on these principles; and before long, his company was as solid as his reputation. By the mid 1950’s, C.L. Lewis & Company, Inc. was one of the leading contractors in central Virginia. Over the decades the company continued to grow and evolve, all the while preserving their core foundational values.


J.E. Jamerson & Sons

With experience in millwork and lumber, Mr. James E. “Dutch” Jamerson founded  a building supply company, J.E. Jamerson & Sons in 1946. His basic business principles were fairness and quality. As years passed and building needs grew, there became a growing demand for the company to offer a wider range of services. In response to this opportunity, J.E. Jamerson & Sons established a construction company, which rapidly grew to become one of the regions largest and most respected companies – all the while maintaining their foundational values on which the company was built.


Joining Forces

The merger of J.E. Jamerson & Sons and C.L. Lewis & Company, Inc. in 2014 combined these two companies with over 150 years of combined construction experience. This partnership was in response to market demands and a desired strategy that would position us in the marketplace for the next 150 years.

Our prior companies were responsible for the construction of some of central Virginia’s most prominent landmarks. With shared fundamental values, our new firm, Jamerson-Lewis Construction, builds upon those values which allow us the opportunity to be a leader in our field and continue to construct monuments of the future.

We will continue to build upon all the reasons you selected our firms in the past – knowledge, honesty and a commitment to project goals – all the key ingredients required that ensure you will have the best construction TEAM for your project!

Looking Ahead

Today, building on our past experience and with a shared commitment for growth and a vision for the future, we are positioned to excel as your construction TEAM partner. Our people are progressive – committed to being leaders in the field, the community and in our industry. Our desire for growth, our passion for technology, our commitment for continuous education and advanced training is backed by a culture that encourages personal growth and a TEAM environment. Our goal is to make selecting Jamerson-Lewis Construction as your partner an easy choice.

We provide visionary clients with affirmation as they dream, insight as they plan, and satisfaction as we build.


Over 95 Years of Construction Excellence

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