Florida Terrace - 31 West Development Rush Homes

New Construction

Project Details

Florida Terrace, a visionary project led by Rush Homes LLC, sets a new benchmark in multifamily residential buildings. Designed by the proficient team at CJMW Architecture, the project consists of a two-story, wood-framed apartment complex complemented by two single-story quadplexes.

The focus of this project is not just on high-quality construction but also on creating a space that is inclusive and accessible. Every corner of Florida Terrace has been designed to be fully ADA compliant, ensuring a living environment that is welcoming and comfortable for all residents.

Notably, Florida Terrace stands as a shining example of sustainable residential living. The project adheres to the high standards set by the EarthCraft Multifamily Program and aims to achieve a Level Gold certification. Additionally, the EnergyStar Multifamily guidelines are followed meticulously, underscoring the project's commitment to environmental sustainability.

Ultimately, Florida Terrace is an inspiring stride toward affordable, sustainable, and inclusive residential living. The project is made possible due to the backing of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), administered by Virginia Housing. It reflects Rush Homes LLC's dedication to promoting a sustainable, accessible, and community-focused future.

Major Contractors/Sub Contractors: Best Grading, Maddox Air & Electrical, Unlimited Electrical


Rush Homes
1721 Monsview Pl.
Lynchburg, VA 24504
Jeff Smith


CJMW Architects
1225 Main St.
Suite 304
Lynchburg, VA 24504

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